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My name is Kimberley, and I run, mostly because taking pictures of food is a lot less weird if you post them somewhere afterwards. I am 26, and I live in Manchester, the UK. I moved here from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) six years ago.


I’ve been taking pictures of food since 2009. Since then there’s been a few fledgling blog projects, and a lot of baking. In 2013 I started baking for profit, and sold my products to the masses at farmers’ market stalls on weekends. The markets are currently on hiatus  – but the baking never stops!


Ambacht means craft, something that you make with your hands, create with skill and love. That’s how I feel about baking – I love making things, taking care to get them exactly right, and sharing them with people I like.




Please join me as I bake and cook whatever pops into my head, go about life, and eat out (a lot). You can expect recipes for a variety of baked goods, realistic action shots, and a particular focus on Dutch baking.


Would you like to get in touch with me for any reason? You can contact me here.