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The Best Cinnamon Rolls in the World

I say they’re the best cinnamon rolls in the world – but maybe I’m biased. Still, I’ve probably made this very recipe at least 100 times, if not more. As a cinnamon-roll lover, I’d like to think I know what I’m talking about. When I did markets, these were the first item to sell out, and the one that people would come for. I’ve had people pre-order full trays of them, and they were briefly sold in a cafe in Manchester. They are good. Trust me.


Cinnamon Rolls

The millions, trillions of times I have made these cinnamon rolls. 


These cinnamon rolls are not quick – good cinnamon rolls are never quick, and shouldn’t be. However, they are easy. As far as cinnamon roll recipes go, I personally find these some of the most low-maintenance ones out there, without too many steps or iffy ingredients.


You shouldn’t need more convincing – cinnamon rolls are absolutely delicious, and you should have more of them in your life. So let’s get started.




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Black Bread

Bread baking is fun. Many people seem to find it an incredibly daunting task that they’ll avoid at all costs – “too many things that can go wrong!”, they say. “I tried once and it was an utter failure!”


Then you have others who go super-science about making bread, and post on bread-making forums about the exact ratios and milligrams they have used, and make their own flour. Admirable, but not my bag.


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Manakeesh with Za’atar

I don’t know about you, but I love bread. Any kind, any shape. There is just nothing more comforting than warm, crusty bread, almost straight from the oven. I think that is pretty much a universal truth.


This particular type of bread is flat, and a common Levantine Arabic food. It can have various types of toppings, from cheese to lamb to fried eggplant.


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