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Dutch Gingerbread Spice (Speculaaskruiden) Recipe

Dutch gingerbread is not like other gingerbread. Sure, gingerbread exists in many, many countries around the world. The Dutch (probably) did not invent it. However, no other gingerbread tastes like Dutch gingerbread, or ‘Speculaas’ does. It has a distinctively different flavour, and is actually much less heavy on the ginger. I’ve met many gingerbread haters who loved Dutch gingerbread, simply because it isn’t that ‘gingery’.


Speculaas (Dutch gingerbread) is made with a complex spice mixture that contains many interesting spices that other gingerbread recipes don’t – for example, white pepper, and ground anise seed. We call this spice mixture ‘Speculaaskruiden’, and it’s available pre-mixed in supermarkets, and generally stored away somewhere in a Dutch person’s spice cupboard.


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